Inspired by a man who personifies the American dream, the Leandro Limited® Collection celebrates the life of Leandro Rizzuto, the founder of the Conair Corporation. He launched his family business in 1959 and the brand has since reshaped the haircare industry. In Leandro’s legacy, we want to give back to freelance hairstylists – our people – who are struggling with the closing of salons and inability to practice their craft.

Many of today’s top celebrity hairstylists and experts in the industry credit Conair® tools as their first entry point into the world of beauty. For decades, we have felt the love from the industry and now we’re hoping to return some of the love to our people using the hashtag #LoveLeandro. Help us put a spotlight on your favorite hairstylist and tell us what makes them awesome and why they deserve to be nominated for a personal grant on behalf of the Sponsors.

For every use of the #LoveLeandro hashtag on Instagram, we will donate $50 to the Love Leandro Limited Fund providing hair stylists with cash for bills, food, supplies etc. in order to help our people, during this global emergency. Post an IG photo or video message on your story or feed tagging @LeandroLimited, #LoveLeandro, #giveaway and the hair stylist that you know is in need and share why you’ve nominated them. Entries will be closed at midnight EST on 05/08/2020, and we will announce the winners on 04/27/2020. (Please note, if you are a winner and do not respond within 48 hours of receiving your DM, you may be replaced.)

Nominees will be automatically entered to win $500 USD from the Love Leandro Limited Fund and each entrant that nominates a winner will be sent a gift of Leandro Limited® products as a thank you for participating and helping us pay it forward.

Thank you for supporting those around you. Little acts of kindness can make a big impact in someone’s life.

The Leandro Limited Team

#LoveLeandro @LeandroLimited

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